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This site is about the furry world of Amazons and Hunters. There are no rules, and many women, who fight and win, make their wishes come true, and have a nice time with each other.

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We are producing "Amazon Hunters" Artbook Vol 1 and Vol 2. It's  a paperback book with more than 60 pages of beautiful illustrations. 

artbook 1 20140814 1797641918 amazon hunters vol2 2 20150902 1093188433

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Also we have BOYS version - only tasteful boys inside: Tribal Men Artbook


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Tribal Men Artbook preview

Our new Tribal Men Artbook will be ready for your order soon! 

  • TribalMen_1
  • TribalMen_2
  • TribalMen_3
  • TribalMen_4
  • TribalMen_5
  • TribalMen_6

Amazon Hunters Vol.2 ready for Pre Order

Hello everyone! 

Our sweet vol.2 ready for you!

  • Amazon Hunters Vol.2_1
  • Amazon Hunters Vol.2_2
  • Amazon Hunters Vol.2_3
  • Amazon Hunters Vol.2_4
  • Amazon Hunters Vol.2_5
  • Amazon Hunters Vol.2_6

You can Order an Artbook right now in our Store!


New preview from AH2

                                                                        AH2_1 AH2_3

Amazon Hunters: Man World started

First official sketch from Amazon Hunter:man World

All book will contains a warior man, hunters and more.

tribalmen 2 20160822 2066284684

Artbook already printed

Here he is) Our newborn artbook)

Artbook_1 Artbook_4 Artbook_9


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Run and Hunt

Run and Hunt from Orphen Sirius) 



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This Site contains Nude and Adult Images.